Your roofs are the pride of your property. You can extend the life of your roofs by spending a few bucks after three or six months to save them from significant damages in the future. With little care and attention, you can easily prolong the life of roofs up to 25 years or even more.

Here are a few tips to help you out!

Repair Leaks, Cracks and Punctures Promptly

Leaks and cracks allow water, dirt and other particles to slip into your living spaces. They also invite a number of roofing problems. Your little ignorance can cost you the price of roof replacement, so it is recommended to keep an eye over the condition of your roofs and take quick actions against leaks or cracks.

If you can see seepage or water stagnation from inside of your home –your roofing layers are hiding big problems beneath. A prompt action to address the problem and its causes can save your roofs as well as your family`s health.

Trim Overhanging Branches

When tree branches grow abruptly in any direction, they become a reason for damages for roofs. During the storm, these branches sometimes fall over the rooftops causing cracks or severe harm to your roofs. It is always recommended to keep on trimming the branches reaching your roof. Braches should be trimmed in a way that 10-feet distance is always present between tree branches and your roof. This distance also prevents rodents, squirrels and insects reaching your roofs.

Clean Your Gutters Timely

Clogged gutters or downspouts cause smell and water stagnation. It plays a major role in accelerating deterioration process and weakens the base of your roofs. Clogged gutters and drains directly mean debris collection. It is not only harmful to your property but for your health too.

Install a net or metal strainer at the openings of your pipelines. Remove rotten leaves and other solid materials, time to time. Pass acid mixed water or cleaning agents to remove the residues staying in your gutter lines. 

Check for Insect Damages

Ants, termites, moths, mites, etc. create holes in between the layers of roofs to make their homes. In case you notice any insect activity or signs of their homes, quickly contact a pest control team. All these insects infest so fast that within a few weeks they will multiply their colonies and eat up your property.
Raccoons, mice, and rodents are also highly destructive as they create burrow holes and channels to make their living space.
In the end, we recommend you to take care of your roofs to take care of your property and health. Your little investment can save you from spending much. Also, roof replacement is a big hassle so always keep a regular check on your roof health in order to avoid any unforeseen damages.

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