You roofs define the value of your property. A well-maintained and flawless roof can surely help you get a reasonable price of your assets. On the other hand, when your roofs are in good condition, the habitats of property can stay away from leaks, fungus and various other problems.

Commonly roofs last longer than ten years if they are installed correctly. For perfect installation of roofs, you need a trained team that fully understands the requirements and can cater to deal with damages caused by weather.

Here are a few common roofing problems

Roof Leaks

Leakage is the most common complaint of Florida homeowners. The weather conditions in the city damage the roofs and also accelerate the deterioration process. Extended exposure to sun, snowfall and heavy rain causes cracks which result in allowing water and dust to enter your living spaces. Blockage in pipelines, breaks in joinery or poor gutter system can also become a reason for roof leaks. When water rests for a long time over your roofs, it causes seepage and cracks. 

Preventive maintenance plans can save your roofs from significant damages. They include cleaning of drains, sealant replacement and other repairs. Early detection does not let the problem become a reason for severe damage. Ask the roof repair company to evaluate the leaks, repair the problem causing factors and provide you with an effective repair solution as per your budget and requirements.


For single-ply roofing membranes and poor quality asphalt or PVC roofs, punctures are a big problem. They occur due to the dropping of sharp tools like screws or nails, removal of HVAC or solar panels, animal claws or beaks etc. During the fall season tree branches or other material falling over the roofs also causes holes. When you ignore the roof punctures or tears they can turn into roof leaks or may result in a wet roof membrane

Early detection and quickly addressing the problem is the best solution, and it is recommended to ask your roofing contractor to either fill the punctures or replace the roof. You can also place another layer of ply, PVC or asphalt in some conditions. Ask your contractor to guide you appropriately about the available options and why a specific option is best for your roofs.

There are tons of other problems as well, but these two are a major concern of almost every homeowner. Quick maintenance and preventive layers can minimize roofing issues to a great extent. You can contact Florida Roofing Services anytime for maintenance or re-roofing tasks. 

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