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Wish to have a watertight seal for your roofs? Try EPDM roofs by our company
By far the best advantage EPDM has is its water-resistant performance. To create the safest of ambiance, avoid slipping and make the surface soft and damage free on the roof wet-deck surfaces, then colored EPDM is added with polyurethane binders. The mixture is then sprayed on elements like interlocking brick, asphalt, screening, woods etc. EPDM has been consistently occupied to be used for flat roofs because of its property of synthetic rubber membrane for its long life and cheap rates. The EDPMs come in the choice of black and white color

While having a choice in the colors to opt, Florida Roofing Systems also offers various options by width as well. The widths vary from 7.5feet to 50feet. The next benefit is that it allows two different thicknesses, 45 and 60 mils. EPDM can be attached mechanically or ballasted.

We also deal in popular “Heavy Duty 60 mils” membrane which is extremely heat resistant. It possesses a lot of strength and durability out of all present membranes available. We offer custom-cut sizes and high-quality installation services to meet the requirements of our clients