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Flat Roofs

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Flat Roofs

Unlike slop roofs, flat roofs have the pitch of only 10-degrees or less. The pitch helps the water to flow towards the corners of the roof. At the corners, drainage pipes are installed to carry away the water.

The most significant benefit of flat roofs is you can use the space for various activities or even as a living space. At Florida Roofing Systems we can craft the low-slope of roofs ranging from 3-degrees to 12-degrees. Along with commercial buildings, flat roofs are equally ideal for residential properties. You can set a mini garden, playing area for kids or a small tea corner for your friends and family over your roof.

Florida Roofing Systems will give you 25-years warranty of their installed flat roofs. If you maintain them properly, you can easily increase its life for ten more years. Our team is fully capable of making four types of flat roofs including concrete roofs, built-up roofs, modified bitumen roofs, and EPDM roofs.

For built-up roofs, we use hot-tar-and-gravel, three piles of waterproof material of your choice, and a layer of smooth river stone.

Our bitumen roofs have a specialized and highly functional layer of bitumen material which acts like an ice-and-water shield. We have peel and stick variety, and we can also apply adhesives to set the roof.

Florida Roofing Systems team can mechanically anchor the EPDM roof with fasteners or ballast it with stone and can also glue it.