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Cost-efficient and easy to install roofs with a wide range of material options.
Rolled roofing or roll roofing refers to the process in which a special mineral-surfaced roofing products or MSR are installed to protect the property from rain, heat, cold and damages. Florida roofing systems uses a specialized mineral-surfaced material or MRS which are always purchased from reputed dealers. The material comes in 100 square feet rolls and can easily be cut and set on all types of roofs. They are installed horizontally in long stripes.

It is thinner, larger and cheaper as compared to other roofing solutions but are less durable that`s why we recommend it for restaurants, offices and other such places.

We offer several types of rolled roofing materials as supplements to other roofing materials.to meet the requirements and specifications of our clients. In case your budget is tight rolled roofing is ideal and the least expensive roofing material, even compared to low-cost composite shingles. Other materials required for its installation like nails and studs are also inexpensive.