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Roof Coatings

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Roof Coatings

Every roof needs care and protection of high quality roof coat to last longer.
Florida Roofing Services provides its customers with best roof coating services. The roof coatings are massive with sticking properties while possessing roofing membranes. The best thing about our roof coatings which we should highlight here is their property to stretch and come back in shape without distorting the shape.

There are differences in the width of the roof coating dry films that are being used by our company ranging from plus or minus 3 dry mils to more than 40 dry mils. Eventually, the roof coating becomes the topmost coating of the layers that are put on your property. It turns out to be full of strength when it actually faces the UV light, rainfall, hail and any other external forces.

On the other hand, roof coatings by Florida Roofing Systems have waterproofing properties. If after a few years, any of our customers complain about roof leaking, the Florida Roofing System makes sure that we provide them with the best solution. We recommend roof coating of suitable material to solve the roof leaking problem. The coats we apply are seamlessly installed and we make sure that it lasts for more than fifteen years.

Many of the professionals recommend avoiding cool coating. The reason for the restriction is that the process can spread humidity or moisture a few spots of rain collected in the shingles can let the coatings to become dewy or full of moisture. To sort out this problem we offer reflective roof coatings which play a significant role in enhancing the life of the roof while safeguarding it from sunlight and maintaining the roof to be cool.