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New Roofs


In case your existing roofs are in poor condition and the base on which roof is settled also need some repairing. Contact our experts now for the installation of new roofs.

New roofs refer to roof replacement process where you remove the previous roof and place new roofing layers. You can use asphalt shingles, architectural shingles, cedar or wood Shakes, metal, tiles, slate, PVC, bitumen, and several other roofing materials.

When you go for a new roofing option, it’s your choice to install the same material as it was before or select other material options. Our team first evaluate your property, then suggest you material options while considering the weather challenges, your budget, and your property requirements.

While delivering service for installation of new roofs our team finely removes the existing roof, dispose of it and then start the cleaning of the structure. While cleaning we also fix the faults present in the base, gutter line, water pipelines or HVAC pipes. This step reduces the chances of damages for the new roof and also extends the life of roofs.

Once we are done with the preparation of the roof, we move forward towards the installation. Florida Roofing Systems team pay extra attention to creating levels for water flow away from roofs and also guide you on how to protect your roofs from debris, stagnation and direct sunlight.