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Roof Recovery

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Roof Recovery


Roofs leaks, cracks, and punctures can be your big problems –Roof Recovery is the simplest and cost-effective solution.

Roof Recovery refers to the process of layering sets of new shingles, ply, lamination, PVC, asphalt or other material over the existing layer. Our Roof Recovery process has three basic steps; Cleaning and preparing the existing roof, measuring the area and establishment of a suitable strategy and final step is the installation of a new layer. The new roofing layer is nailed and adhered over the existing layer.

Our roofing experts pay keen focus on fixing the root causes of roof destruction. They make sure that your roofs last longer after Roof Recovery, so they change the faulted pipeline fixtures, clean the gutter lines running down from roof to floor, and design a proper system to prevent roofs from water stagnation.

During the process, the old roof is not torn or ripped off, so you don’t have to pay the cost of removal and disposal of old roofs. At Florida Roofing Systems, the labor cost for re-roofing is also lower than roof replacement, so it’s a cost-efficient and quick solution to give your roofs a clean and new look. Roof Recovery can be done only once so if your roofs had already been through Roof Recovery process –you need to go for roof replacement this time.