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Roof Restoration

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Roof Restoration in Florida

Roof restoration prolongs the life, addresses minor issues and beautifies your roofs.

Roof Restoration Services in Florida

At Florida Roofing Systems you can enjoy comprehensive roof restoration services with some extra properties. Our way of working is different and enables our client to have hygienic, and fine-looking roofs in no time. We start off with cleaning the roofs with high-pressure water from pressure machine to remove dirt, fungus, and other materials. After cleaning, we apply a sterilizing coat to control infestation and re-growth of termites, ants, fungus, lichen, moss, etc.

We carefully examine the root causes of damages and try to fix them all permanently. Our next step is the replacement of damaged and missing tiles or shingles. We never compromise over the quality of services and replace tiles even they have very minor damages, so our clients don’t have to call for maintenance frequently. In the end, we re-bed the roof for maximum protection.