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Steep Slope

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Steep Slope

A dedicated roofing service with mandatory safety and installation training is just a call away from you.
Roofs have a slope of 3:12 or greater, are known as steep slope roofs. It means for every 12 inches in the horizontal direction, and the roof rises three inches or more in a vertical direction. Florida Roofing Systems offer asphalt roll, asphalt shingles, wood shakes, concrete and clay tiles, slate and metal roofing for steep slopes.

Our experienced team visit your site and suggest your best option for roofing every time. After evaluation, we also propose some modified bituminous roofs, certain SPF and adhered single-ply membranes as well for steep slope roof applications.

Due to the gravity, debris and water is pulled naturally on a sloped roof and inclines to run into gutters. So it creates fewer concerns about excessive weight from collected debris or standing water. This special characteristic causes steep slope roofs to have comparatively low maintenance only if they are correctly installed. Highly professional and experienced workmanship is required for such roofs –luckily Florida Roofing Systems team is here to help you. Our installed roofs are always watertight.

From regular checkup and installation to maintenance, we always emphasize on workmanship and attention to every detail. We work to provide you complete peace of mind with our service quality and aesthetically attractive styles and colors options for your steep slope roofs.